Future Stars: Nick Gardner (Interscope)

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Nick Gardner recently joined the fast-growing group of young British male YouTube stars signed by major labels, and impressively his deal is with US label Interscope. I saw Nick's videos when he was just getting started and didn't think he had anything special (he's neither a teenager nor an incredible vocalist), so I was surprised to see him doing so well. Still, it's always nice to see UK pop singers get their big break on an international level, and as Nick has been working with producers such as Sean Garrett and Stereotypes I'm interested to see what they come up with.



  1. Nick is a Fantastic vocalist!!! How can you say he’s not? I have been listening to him sing since he was like 2 years old we used to do karaoke together and I have sat next to him while he played the paino and say “Goodbye My lover” by James Blunt only he made it his own. I thinkt hat’s one of the best things about Nick, he makes songs his own and is an amazing writer. He will go far! 🙂

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