With motherhood and designing clothes and other products, Gwen Stefani hasn’t had much time for releasing music lately, but I’ll forgive her since her latest venture is these super-cute little dolls of herself in outfits from the What You Waiting For, Hollaback Girl and Cool videos (and there are 5 more available). Definitely a better present for your kids than a Pussycat Doll!

Fans of the Pipettes may be interested in what could be called the French version of their 60s-style pop, Pourquoi Pas Moi by actress/model Mareva Galanter. This very catchy tune has a fab video and a typically French sense of humour.

Finally, a big well done goes out to Girls Aloud who once again took home the Popjustice £20 Music Prize, this time for Biology. Personally I was rooting for Rachel or Will, but it is a well deserved win, unlike that other music prize where the only good band nominated (Guillemots) were cruelly robbed of their victory.

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