Cosmos (Outer MySpace)

Here are few more recommended pages from the world of MySpace:

Of course I’ve been a fan of Lambretta and lovely Linda Sundblad for years, but I only just found their MySpace and it has 4 tracks to download for free so I thought it would be worth bringing this ace Swedish pop-rock group to the attention of those of you who haven’t been reading my blogs for long. Kill Me and Bimbo are the ones most worth downloading, especially the latter which was perhaps the earliest example of Max Martin’s current rock-pop sound. Lambretta are no more but singer Linda is recording a solo album which I can’t wait to hear as it’s said to be similar to Gwen Stefani’s sound.

This was in fact the first ever MySpace music profile I visited (in July 2005, and I subsequently posted a track on ITG), and the whole idea seemed a bit alien and pointless to me but now of course it couldn’t be much more familar and it does kind of have a point, in helping me navigate the endless supply of new acts available in the digital age! Hellogoodbye are one of the few US rock acts who aren’t completely boring – in fact they are great fun and their profile showcases 2 of their best and most poptastic songs, Touchdown Turnaround and latest single Here In Your Arms.

A couple of years ago an Estonian singer named Kerli released a great song called Beautiful Inside, but I had never heard anything of her since then… until now, when I hear she is signed to Island Def Jam, recording with Guy Sigsworth (famous for his work with Madonna and with Imogen Heap as part of Frou Frou) and hoping to become a more mainstream version of Bjork. The music on her MySpace isn’t blowing me away at present and her doll wallpaper is kind of scary, but it will be fun to have an Estonian attempting worldwide fame and I hope, if only for that novelty, she achieves it.

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