New Year, New Pop

It’s traditional that the the music charts get very slow at this time of year, and so far the pattern is the same as ever with the charts being composed mostly of popular singles from the last few months of 2005, and some of the most popular songs of the year have even re-entered the charts possibility due to a rise in downloads by people who got iPods for Christmas. However, the Christmas season is now most definitely over and there’s a whole onslaught of new music attempting to gain high chart positions while there is less competition.

Lee Ryan – When I Think Of You
2005 proved that the genius suggested by Think of the People did not really exist – Lee’s solo singles were not hilariously useless, they were just plain useless and very dull. Blue splitting up seemed like such a good thing at the time but now we have 4 solo singers who are only a quarter as good as Blue, which is really quite bad (although Simon’s last single was, probably accidentally, rather good). This new one from Lee is either sampling or just ripping off an old song, although I can’t seem to work out what and it’s annoying me greatly so if you know please please tell me!
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A-ha – Analogue
I should support A-ha since they are Scandinavian, but this song is a bit boring. It’s not totally awful though and they are fairly inoffensive. I was rather surprised to see this at no.1 on the CD:UK MiTracks chart this weekend. I know they had some big hits in the 80s, but I had no idea they still had a strong fanbase who would make the effort to vote in these things. It does seem, though, that the artists with older and usually female fanbases often do better in these things that you can obsessively vote for than the young acts whose fans soon get distracted or just know that unofficial charts, and even the official ones to some extent, don’t really matter that much.
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Friday Hill – One More Night Alone
Kenzie also made an appearance on this week’s CD:UK and not only claimed that his new favourite band is Razorlight, but that this new single by his Blazin’ Squad offshoot band is indie! There are many things it is but indie is not one of them. OK so it has a slightly more guitar-based sound than their last single, but it’s just as cheesy.
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