A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!

Hanson – Mmmbop

7th June 1997

It’s funny that a year ago I was excited by Hanson’s comeback, but now it seems everyone has forgotten about them again. The two singles from their last album were really good, but the rest of it was a bit disappointing to be honest. They’re still a great pop band and everyone loves this song in a retro way, although most are probably pretending to be ironic. People may not think it’s cool but there is definitely huge love for this single even 9 years after its release, and still everyone thinks the joke that they look like girls (which they don’t anymore) is really original and hilarious.

This isn’t actually my favourite Hanson single – that was I Will Come To You, which criminally wasn’t a no.1 but remains one of my favourite pop ballads of all time. Mmmbop may be good for a laugh, but their serious songs were even better and considering their age and the ridicule they’ve often had to put up with, they are actually excellent singers and songwriters.

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