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Gwen Stefani – Wind It Up (Audio)
What a disaster! It’s a weird mix of The Sound of Music, Fergie and the Vengaboys. Who would have thought the Lonely Goatherd section would actually be the best bit? This is such a far cry from the brilliance of What You Waiting For and most of the rest of her first solo album, that it’s really just depressing. It doesn’t even have a tune or a catchy hook or anything. Girls rapping can be great (Neneh Cherry, Lisa Left-Eye etc. – pop icons!) but this track doesn’t even have the sense of girl power attitude that is usually entailed in such things. Still better than My Humps though…
55% Poptastic!

Nelly Furtado – Say It Right/All Good Things Come To An End (Videos)
Can Nelly not be content with releasing one or even 2 singles at a time? It was only the other week I was reviewing a video for No Hay Igual, and this week alone I have seen 2 new videos from the most prolific single-releaser in pop at the moment, and this is not new for Ms Furtado, who launched her album with 3 singles at once earlier this year. We in the UK seem to be getting All Good Things, so will we have Say It Right and No Hay Igual afterwards? I guess now she’s made 5 videos and single covers she can just relax as they all get released around the world.
SIR: 73% Poptastic! AGT: 77% Poptastic!

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