In a valiant attempt to put off my Philosophy essay as much as possible, I have been wading through the archives of some of the other pop blogs I try to read. While there are some great posts out there (and I will get to that in a minute), I was not quite sure whether to be annoyed or flattered when I noticed that certain blogs seemed to be basically re-producing the archives of this blog and my mp3 blog, Into The Groove. I’m very pleased that some of the wonderful acts I have tirelessly supported over the years of writing these blogs may get some new fans who didn’t hear about them the first time, but with my policy not to repeat old posts on Into The Groove, it is rather annoying to see others getting credit for the ace pop discoveries I made. So I guess I’m just saying if you run a pop blog and you want to do so in the poptastic spirit, go out into the world of pop and make your own discoveries, find something new and present it in a style that is refreshing and different and actually interesting to read. Say something about the songs – if you’re giving background information, pick out the interesting bits. I guess that’s enough advice from me, here to end this post on a more positive note, are a small selection of the blogs I continue to love and read religiously:

Arjan Writes
He may sometimes confusingly post videos we’ve known about for ages as exclusives, but Arjan’s posts are always interesting and the bands he picks out to recommend are varied but always something different that we might never hear of without his site.

The Zapping
This site is no work of literary genius but the genuine enthusiasm, fun attitude, lack of pretentiousness and love for music all bring me back to this site again and again. This is the site for posts on music and other things with an endearing and very British personal feel.

Aaron off of V
It’s so nice to see a pop star who really cares about pop music, even if he’s not really a proper pop star at the moment – he certainly deserves to be and his blog is full of ace references to the pop world that once was. In an ideal world all pop stars would have this attitude to music, with no desire to be anything but poptastic. He goes to gigs to see “fit people” and cherishes his crazy Latvian readers – what more could you want from a pop star or a blogger?

Enthusiastic But Mediocre
His posts may be a bit sporadic these days but Edward is still the most knowledgeable pop blogger around and certainly the one with the best taste. No-one else has introduced me to so many fantastic songs and bands. Maybe if we all visit the site he’ll realise that everyone wants him to post lots more and fulfil our wish…

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