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Josh Groban – Don’t Give Up (You Are Loved) (Video)
Along with the brilliant In The Clouds by Under The Influence of Giants, this is my current biggest tip for the top. Considering how much I detest You Raise Me Up, this must be a pretty amazing song for it to get my approval, and it certainly is. It’s very wimpy and gran-oriented, but it’s a really well written song and of course Josh is a great classical singer who works on pop ballads too. It’s already been a hit in Sweden, which is how I first heard of it, and I’m pretty sure the UK is next. I can definitely see this being at number 1 for many weeks this summer, probably preventing In The Clouds from reaching the top spot.
92% Poptastic!

Kate Nash – Foundations (Video)
I knew that Kate had something special when I heard Birds, the b-side to her last single Caroline Is A Victim. I didn’t like the single very much but the b-side was just lovely, very sensitive and quirky. She may be let down by being such a clear merger of Lily Allen and Regina Spektor (perhaps we should call her Lily Spektor) but this is another good song and the video is really cute so I am confident that she will gain a fair amount of success. If you find Lily a bit too annoying or Regina too indie, Kate is the girl for you.
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