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The Bird & the Bee – Love Letter to Japan (Watch)
Here’s the first entry for Cutest Single of 2009. The Bird & the Bee will release their new album in January, and Greg Kurstin has definitely used his pop hook skills on the lead single, Love Letter to Japan. There’s also an ace video with sweet Japanese kids addicted to playing Dance Dance Revolution. It’s an exciting few months for Greg with the new Lily Allen album, which he produced, released in February. If her new songs are of the same standard as Love Letter to Japan, it’s definitely going to be worth buying.
86% Poptastic!

The Noisettes – Wild Young Hearts (Watch)
I was looking back the other day at the acts I have previously suggested as Ones To Watch at the start of each year on Dirrrty Pop, and when I noticed The Noisettes were among them, I was amused and wondered where they’d got to. It was only a day later, when I was listening to BBC 6 Music (surprisingly good channel actually), that I found exactly what had happened to them: They’ve become ace! They were always a reasonably good band, but never made anything half as good as this new single. I won’t say it’s likely to be no.1 for weeks, but it could be a breakthrough for them, as I can even see Radio 2 playing it. It sounds like a cool and good version of Duffy, or a soulful Charlotte Hatherley. Basically it sounds like many things and also very new at the same time. Exciting!
89% Poptastic!

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