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The Saturdays – Just Can’t Get Enough (Watch)
When I heard that they were going to cover this, I imagined it would be in a sultry electro-girl style, like the W.I.T. cover of Just What I Needed by The Cars. Instead, they’ve transformed the iconic track into bouncy, cheery pop song perfect for Comic Relief. Kids who don’t know the original will especially love it. It’s a very enjoyable cover (best bit is when it sounds like Rhythm of My Life by Gina G at 2:28), but I still have to take issue with the video. Is it really necessary for these pretty young girls to dress and act so slutty in it? With a fun pop track life this, it would be really nice to have a video where they’re simply having a laugh together like a group of young girls would. It’s going to be mostly young girls who like The Saturdays, and unless they are all lesbians they don’t want to see their pop idols in hot pants and bras!
92% Poptastic!

Bat For Lashes – Daniel (Watch)
I liked, but didn’t love, Bat For Lashes, until I saw her live. Then I immediately ‘got’ her and was instantly obsessed. There is something really interesting about her, meaning that (like only a few other acts) it doesn’t matter to me that her songs aren’t hook-laden poptastic creations. They have their own charm and can’t be fairly measured against the pop acts I usually write about here – that’s not to say she’s better, just different. After being quite successful with her first album, Natasha is back with its follow-up. It’s already leaked online, but I’m sticking with the lead single for the moment. Daniel isn’t a great departure from her previous songs, but I think it’s very lovely and with the addition of a backing beat it will appeal to Ladyhawke’s fans. I think this album is going to do rather well.
90% Poptastic!

Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc (Watch)
Another act returning with the lead single from a new album, and another one I was extremely excited to hear. It took me until they released Flamboyant to realise that I love the PSBs, but I really got into them during their last album campaign, and so am looking forward to the new one, called Yes and out on March 23rd. Mr Popustice said in his review that Love Etc shouldn’t be the lead single, so if there are much better songs on the album than this, then it is sure to be fantastic. Love Etc fits the PSBs formula, as it’s a social commentary with fun lyrics, a catchy chorus and nice electro sounds. It’s not a departure from their last album at all, but I didn’t want it to be. I don’t think I’ve ever given all the songs I’m reviewing 90-something %, but in this case it’s definitely warranted.
95% Poptastic!

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