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Lillix – Dance Alone (Listen)
I’m so excited: one of my favourite rock-pop groups, who I thought had broken up for good, are back with a new single and album! The two sisters, Tasha-Ray and Lacey-Lee Evin, are the only members who are still in the group, and are now joined instead by Britt Black on guitars and Eric Hoodicoff (yes, a boy!) on drums. Dance Alone is similar to their previous work and will please the fans. It’s not quite at the amazing level of Sweet Temptation, but it retains the distinctive sound I always loved about Lillix. They’ve just joined Twitter and so far they don’t even have as many followers as I do, and I’m not a popstar, so you should all go and support them and follow them here! You can also download Dance Alone for free here.
89% Poptastic!

Lolene – Sexy People (Listen)
The latest act to make Eurodance-inspired r&b music is Lolene, whose new single Sexy People is very reminiscent of Benny Benassi’s annoying hit Satisfaction in the first verse. Luckily, when it gets going it sounds more like something Britney would do, and as a Britney fan who’s become pretty bored of her lately, I think this is better than much of Britney’s recent work. It’s certainly a lot better than Radar! Lolene may be based in California now and the latest protegée of J.R.Rotem (as well as regularly collaborating on songwriting projects with Andreas Carlsson), but she’s actually Bristolian, which I suppose gives her more right than her contemporaries to be jumping on the Euro/electro bandwagon. She cites Madonna as an influence, and I can imagine Madonna singing this song, so if it’s not a hit for Lolene she should hide all traces of it and sell it to Madge for her next album!
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Danny Noriega ft. Diamonique – 24/7 (Watch)
Danny may not have actually reached the top 12 of American Idol, but he is undoubtedly remembered more than most of those who beat him. David Hernandez, anyone? The fact that Danny has been romantically linked with Chris Crocker (famous for his “leave Britney alone!” speech, will tell you all you need to know about Danny, if you’re not an Idol fan. I would have found him annoying, but he was more entertaining than the average male AI contestant so he deserved his place for that. He also wasn’t an awful singer, but not a particularly good one either, so it is certainly thanks to his memorability (if that’s a word) that he has got so far as to make a music video. 24/7 is about being famous and has many references to his Idol failure. It’s typical of the low-quality electro-pop Americans seem to think is capable of competing with the superior Euro equivalent, but watch the video anyway – you won’t need to bother seeing Bruno once you do.
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