New Pop on the Block

Linda Sundblad – To All You Girls (Watch)
I kept checking Linda’s MySpace for any news of her releasing new material, and as nothing was mentioned I started to wonder if we’d ever get a second solo album. Then, the other day, I visited and there was not only a new single but a video for it too! I have to say, To All You Girls is not up to the level of Oh Father or the other highlights of Oh My God (Cheat and Back In Time especially), but it’s an original-sounding pop song and apparently written by Max Martin, so I’m going to keep on listening until I love it!
85% Poptastic!

Fibes, oh Fibes! ft. Kim Wilde – Run To You (Listen)
I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to listening to this, because now I’ve heard it I regret that I haven’t had it on repeat for the past month. This is pure pop gold! Fibes (a Swedish band) have made some quite good indie-pop songs before and of course Kim has provided us with some classic hits, but together they out-do both of their back-catalogues. It’s very 80s, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now meets Neverending Story and a zillion other ace songs in the mix. Alphabeat and Same Difference fans, I urge you to listen to this asap!
94% Poptastic!


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