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Aggro Santos ft. Kimberley Walsh – Like You Like (Watch)
I knew nothing of this single (or of Kimberley having any plans to return to pop) until yesterday, and already the music video has been released! Aggro Santos was a strange choice of contestant for I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, considering he’s had one hit so far, Candy with Kimberley Wyatt (although Stamina with Bryn Christopher is also quite good), and not even so much as appeared on Never Mind The Buzzcocks before, but it’s actually a pretty clever move as he will now be appearing on TV daily in the approach to his new single release. Having a popular celeb like Kimberley on the song makes it perfect for the ITV audience. Considering he was known on the UK urban music scene for years before Candy was released, this is quite impressive selling out. The song is pretty average, but pleasant enough. The main thing that caught my eye in the video was how Aggro is an unattractive version of Kimberley’s boyfriend, Justin from Triple 8!
59% Poptastic!

Bruno Mars – Grenade (Watch)
It feels a long time ago now when I was totally obsessed with Bruno Mars. I still think Just The Way You Are is an incredible song, but sharing it with the whole world dilutes its specialness, I suppose. Now we have the follow-up single, Grenade, and at first I wasn’t convinced but I quickly grew to love it! His voice is at its best when he gets really into the song. Much like my other favourite male singer of the past few years, Erik Hassle, Bruno is excellent at conveying emotion in his voice. Grenade also continues the romantic theme of Just The Way You Are, taking it even further this time with the chorus lyrics listing everything he would do for the object of his affections, from being shot to being run over by a train! Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have considered that he wouldn’t be seeing much of her if he did any of these things. It took me a few listens to love JTWYA so I’ll be giving this one some patient attention in the hope my Bruno obsession will soon return.
88% Poptastic!

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