Alex Winston live at The Social

For an artist with such consistently great songs, I was completely shocked to discover that Alex Winston is so far unsigned. It shouldn’t last long, though, as her gig at the tiny London venue The Social this week was packed (so full I almost didn’t get in) with industry types. Even Alex herself recognised this, saying “you can still clap, even if you’re in the industry!” Luckily she also had some keen fans at the front who gave the gig a vibe of excitement with their enthusiastic dancing.

I’d loved everything I’d heard by Alex already so I was very impressed to find that the new songs she performed at the gig were just as good as tracks such as Choice Notes and Animal Baby which I was already very familiar with. She also puts on a great live show. Her 3 girl backing singers (aka ‘sister wives’) complimented Alex perfectly and her song dedicated to them was my highlight of the night, along with another new song called Medicine. That one actually sounded much better live than the studio version, so I’m hoping a new improved version will be recorded soon.

I now can’t wait to get Alex’s album, although unfortunately I hear it’s going to be a while coming. She’ll be releasing an EP early next year, but after seeing her live I want all of the songs she sang on my iPod. Anyway, for now you should check out some of her ace music on YouTube and get excited with me!

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