Future Stars: Mila J (Motown)

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Since being featured in Future Pop 12 months ago, R&B singer Jhené Aiko has done pretty well, so let’s see if her rapper/singer sister Mila J has the same fate. Like Jhené, Mila (short for Jamila) grew up in the music industry. In the 90s she joined a dance group and appeared in a Prince video, from which she was scouted for a girlband called Gyrl. The group had two minor US hits, but never took off, and Mila took a break from the industry. She signed to Motown in the mid-‘00s, but still her luck wasn’t in, as her solo album was shelved. Now, eight years later and still with Motown, she’s finally releasing a new album, M.I.L.A (Made in Los Angeles). Lead single Smoke, Drink, Break-Up had a cool, sassy Aaliyah-esque sound, while her DJ Mustard-produced new single My Main has a more positive message about being loyal to her best friend. It was supposed to feature Iggy Azalea but when she dropped out, she was replaced by Ty Dolla $ign, which kind of confuses the point of the song, but the reception has still been very positive.


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