Melodi Club: The Final!

Tonight is the final of Melodifestivalen and I am unsurprisingly very excited. BWO have little chance against the almighty Carola but they have a better song and a much acer singer so I’ll be optimistic anyway, plus on the official site BWO currently have more votes than Carola so it might be a closer call than expected! It’s always an exciting event whoever wins, and whoever it is will certainly do Sweden proud in Athens. If you haven’t been keeping up with the shows so far, you can watch all of the performances at Here are my top 5:

1. BWO – Temple Of Love
2. Magnus Carlsson (ex-Alcazar) – Lev Livet
3. Anna Sahlene – This Woman
4. Evan – Under Your Spell
5. Sandra Dahlberg – Jag tar det jag vill ha

Also great were Gunther, Sonya, Velvet and the two Jessicas.

The most exciting news of all is that tonight we can watch the show live from 10pm UK time, as it will be posted on after the show ends in Sweden.

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