Hit, Miss or Maybe

So often a band is either made or destroyed by their choice of single to release. Here are a few examples of the best and worst choices of 2006 so far:

Will Young – Who Am I
Although I’d heard that All Time Love was the big ballad of the Keep On album and to be the next single, when I first heard the CD it was this one I was immediately drawn to. There is something about it that’s so human and gentle and authentically emotional. There’s nothing pretentious about the lyrics, they are utterly simple and heartfelt, my favourite part being the glimmer of hope in “It just might be enough” towards the end – that one line really makes the song for me. I don’t know if it will be hindered by the fact that most people who like Will will already have the album by the time this comes out, but I’m certain that it will sell loads more copies and hopefully get played loads on the radio.
My verdict: Excellent choice!

Delays – Hideaway
I bought this album last week and have been listening to it non-stop, growing to love almost every song, but on first listen it was only this song which really struck me apart from Valentine, the single which I was already obsessed with. Hideaway, which I think is still up for download on Into The Groove, is such a jolly poppy song it’s amazing to think this band is generally grouped with indie acts. They may use guitars but they also have a really unique sound and the ability to make music that sounds as close as you can get to the musical equivalent of happiness, of which this is the best example. If you haven’t been able to get into Lost In A Melody or Valentine, this may be your ticket to Delays fandom.
My verdict: Great choice!

Alexis Strum – It Could Be You
Sorry Alexis, if you’re watching (Edit: I mean reading – I don’t have my own TV show as far as I know), but I’m quite glad that this song has been pulled as your new single because I really don’t think it’s your best. It’s nice and all that, but for me it doesn’t grab my attention or leave me singing along like Bad Haircut did. I really think Alexis has been marketed in the wrong way – why hasn’t she had the blanket-advertised album with singles to follow approach. It’s worked for so many other singer-songwriters in the past few years, I think it’s foolish not to use this tactic with Alexis. She’s not the new Rachel Stevens, even if she did donate a song to her. Alexis is like KT Tunstall and Lucie Silvas and those sorts, yet much better and therefore sure to sell heaps if she was marketed like that. Someone give me a job in music marketing now so I can right this wrong!
My verdict: Not a good choice

The Subways – Rock & Roll Queen
Why re-release this when you could re-release one of the best rock songs of the past few years (i.e. Oh Yeah) instead?
My verdict: Pure insanity!

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