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Now it’s time for part 2 of my review of Norway’s Melody Grand Prix. Again, click here to watch along with me.

Semi Final 2 (Bodø):

Queentastic – Absolutely Fabulous

As you will have no doubt guessed by now, this band are drag queens, and their music is every bit as camp as you would expect. But is it any good? Well, it’s OK in a half-rate Alcazar sort of way. They’re no Alcastars, that’s for sure, but it is better than the usual MGP standard.

Hanne Haugsand – Heaven’s In Your Eyes

Now this is what I call a catchy little number! Sadly her fashion sense slightly ruins it, as she is wearing a horrid purple fluffy thing, which kind of matches her huge fluffy hair, although that’s not purple. At least if it was she might get work as a clown. Apparently Hanne was in a band called Charmed who had a hit called My Heart Goes Boom, a song they entered in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it.

Ovi Martin – The Better Side Of Me

Ooh, a boy at last! Well, one not dressed as a woman anyway. And he’s really a man and a bit boring too. His song is a lovey-dovey ballad which doesn’t stand out here and certainly wouldn’t at Eurovision. There are much better songs with the word “better” in them, for example Better Best Forgotten, a song which title could also describe this performance.

Marit Strømøy – Too Much Love

Although she’s actually only 29, Marit looks like someone much older trying to look much younger and of course failing. Hers is another light-weight pop song, a type of music which even I am getting a bit fed up of after watching 1 and a half episodes of Melodi Grand Prix.

Hans-Petter Moen & Kim Arne Hagen – I Hear Music

The wonderfully named Hans-Petter and Kim (a man) are very typical of Eurovision. Old-fashioned clothes, big smiles, stools and a guitar. You get a pair like this every year – last year for Latvia, the year before Holland. Will this year’s smiley stool boys be from Norway? I hope not, cos these 2 are just a bit creepy.

Jannicke Abrahamsen – I Wanna Be

Another blonde lady in her late 20s and a short dress (this one is green, shiny and possibly the ugliest yet). She reminds me of Tricia Penrose, that Heartbeat actress who was so desperate to win Song For Europe in the UK a few years ago. Perhaps this really is her, having another go? Her song is another light, girly pop tune, but it’s likeable enough.

So, who will be the winner? I really can’t be botherd to listen to any more traditional music or whatever that was they tried to peddle us on the last show, so I’ll just look it up on the web site. Returning for the 2nd chance show are… Ovi and Jannicke! And through to the final? The 2 duos, Queentastic and the weird blokes! Well done them.

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