A Decade Of Poptastic No.1s!

Madonna – Hung Up

19th November 2005

At last we reach the end of the top 25 no.1 songs of the decade, and funnily enough the final song was also my favourite song of 2005. It’s also quite amusing that the only no.1 single I liked last year was my favourite song of the year, which I didn’t point out when I did that countdown. I suppose it’s quite optimistic – despite all the crap no.1s of 2005, the best single released still managed to top the charts. Maybe there is some hope left!

Hung Up reinstated my love not only for Madonna but even more for ABBA, and Hung Up in my mind belongs as much to them because it would not be the case that the song still makes me grin like a madwoman every time I hear it if it wasn’t for that euphoric sample. I am now the proud owner of the ABBA Definitive Collection set (2 CDs and a DVD, it’s fab) and even an ABBA calendar! Without ABBA, there might be no Alcazar or BWO, and there would definitely be no Hung Up, so that’s 3 reasons to adore them already, add in their music and any sane person would, having realised this, denounce any ideas of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones being superior to them. ABBA are the height of brilliance, it cannot be denied!

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