Song of the Week: MAGIC! – Don’t Kill The Magic

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MAGIC! are currently enjoying a huge breakthrough hit with their song Rude, but I’ve been listening to the follow-up single, released in their native Canada. Like Rude, Don’t Kill The Magic is quite mumsy and MOR, but you don’t have to be cool to write great pop music. I’m not saying Don’t Kill The Magic will go down in the history books as a modern classic, but it wears well (I still like it after about 20 plays – and that is rare for me) and there’s one section in particular I love. The middle couplet of the chorus, “I’m not ready to give up just yet, we could stay until we both forget,” is one of my favourite melody moments in any song this year. Lead singer Nasri Atweh’s background as a songwriter for artists like Justin Bieber and Shakira has served him well. The less said about his attempted R&B career the better, though…


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