Unsigned Month: Introducing Luminites

I’ve already written a lot about Luminites, but it seemed wrong not to include them in Unsigned Month as they’re definitely among the best up-and-coming UK pop acts. The group, made up of Corey, JJ, R-Tizt and Steph, were a surprise favourite at the second This Must Be Pop Live in January. They left with a room full of new fans who had never heard of them before that night, and I invited them back in September for those who missed out the first time.

It’s hard to explain what’s special about them as it comes across best in their live performance, so their challenge is to find music that conveys it. They have some great songs which they play at their gigs, each one sounding like it could be in the charts right now. All they need is that one huge hit which, with 30,000 Facebook fans already on board, will get them signed and into the top ten in no time. They already have the look and presence of pop stars, and a unique identity that distinguishes them from all their competitors, so if they don’t succeed it will definitely be a crime against pop.


If you love Luminites, come back in the last week of October to vote for them as the best UK unsigned pop act. You can also sign up to my Future Pop mailing list to receive all the Unsigned Month featured artists by email!

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