Future Stars: Kwabs (Atlantic Records)

Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

Kwabs describes his music as “progressive soul,” a term which troubles me as music labelled progressive is often dull. Do these artists want the future to be boring? Regardless of that personal bugbear, and his unexciting songs, Kwabs is clearly talented and all signs suggest we’ll hear a lot more from him this year. His tracks are all over Hype Machine and he’s had support from Radio 1 (new single Wrong or Right is on the playlist) and 1Xtra. His name is proving difficult, as I was incorrectly informed by Radio 1’s Alice Levine that it was “K-wobs,” while Twitter told me it was “Kwobs.” I tracked down a video of Kwabs saying his name, and it is in fact “Kwarbs” – mystery solved!


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