Future Stars: Kendrick Lamar (Interscope)

Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

To hip-hop fans, Kendrick Lamar is already well established and even reached no. 16 in the UK album chart last October, but he's just beginning to get wider acclaim. His current single Backseat Freestyle is all over Radio 1 (it's the one that goes "Kendrick had a DREEEEAMMM" – yes, it's very annoying) and you might also know his repetitive 2012 release Swimming Pools (Drank). Being annoying seemed to work for Eminem and Lil Wayne, so I suppose it must be a recipe for success. My favourite fact about Kendrick is that his surname is Duckworth. I look forward to his Coronation Street cameo as Vera's long lost cousin.


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