Song of the Week: K-391 ft. Alan Walker, Julie Bergan & Seungri – Ignite

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Remember the days when Eurodance was the biggest genre in Europe, before the Americans decided to call it EDM, and it became so ubiquitous that no-one cared anymore? It used to be like a shot of energy, with no interest in being cool or credible, or even awareness of those concepts. This song sounds like EDM never happened. It could be a comeback single by Da Buzzor InfernalK-391 is a Norwegian producer, whose real name is Kenneth Nilsen (I would say I can see why he changed it… but things haven’t gone too badly for Alan Walker). Ignite is a collaboration with fellow Norwegian DJ Alan and singer Julie Bergan, who has some poptastic tunes of her own, plus Seungri, a member of massive K-pop boyband BIGBANG making a random guest appearance.

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