Future Stars: Haiku Hands (Unsigned)

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This week’s Future Pop emerged a few days later than usual as I’ve been away at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. I spent most of my time there evangelising about a band I saw on the first day and became instantly obsessed with: Haiku Hands. They’re a girlband, but they couldn’t be further from the next Little Mix or Fifth Harmony. The Australian trio is so much fun that they verge on being a comedy act, but the songs are catchy and cool enough to make them a viable pop act too. They’ve released two songs so far, the feisty anthem Not About You and the Bananarama-esque Jupiter. The singles are great, but with their novelty appeal, I wasn’t expecting the whole set to be this strong – luckily, I was wrong! Each song was full of witty lines, with an instantly memorable chorus. The girls are great performers, pulling off dance routines with ease while still keeping up a casual, silly ‘having fun at a sleepover’ vibe. They may never have a chart hit but they’re sure to be a festival favourite with a cult following, and if they can translate their live act into video format they have definite viral potential.

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