Sponsored Post: Introducing Julissa Veloz

Julissa Veloz is a Dominican-American pop princess who’s ready to make an impact on the charts with her new single Overload, which is released today.

Julissa first became famous with an appearance on American Idol, from which she became known as “tiara girl”. Since then she’s got a cool new look and has gone top 10 in 8 countries and had three top 20 hits on the Billboard Dance Chart. Her singles include Take Control, Sweet Sugar Poison and Mayhem. She’s also toured around the U.S. and Europe, performing at festivals, gay pride events, at the famous House of Blues venue in New Jersey, and even on Polish TV seen by 2 million people! Plus she has just been featured in the advert for Sony’s new video editing software Vegas Pro.


Overload is a fast-paced dance-pop track featuring a rap from Julissa herself, which is sure to be another club hit. The song was premiered during Julissa’s performance at LA Pride this summer and you can listen to it above. To find out more and download the single, click here to visit her official website.

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