Future Stars: Josie Dunne (Atlantic)

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Josie Dunne’s new single Old School only has a few thousand views on YouTube, but I have a feeling it could be a big breakthrough hit for the 21-year-old singer from Chicago. The twee yet polished video with a viral-friendly theme was the first tip-off, followed by the discovery that she was signed to Atlantic, and thirdly the song: perfect for American radio. It’s the kind of sweet mid-tempo track that would appeal to the same people as Sara Bareilles and Andy Grammar. The question is whether that route to success is still an option after the massive growth of streaming services. The only recent Hot AC (that’s American for ‘pleasant modern music’) hit I can think of is Portugal. The Man’s Feel It Still. However, if Atlantic can combine blanket airplay with a strong streaming strategy, there could still be hope for Josie and other makers of pleasant modern music like her. If it doesn’t work out, she’s got a great career ahead of her as a Lisa Loeb tribute act, anyway.

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