January’s Pop Industry Meetup is TONIGHT!

Was your New Year’s resolution to make it big in pop in 2013? If so, come along to tonight’s This Must Be Pop industry meetup at LVPO Bar in Soho. We’ll be there from 6pm, and if you join us you can enjoy cheap drinks, free sweets and great pop music. But most importantly, it’s a chance to meet a bunch of nice, friendly people who love pop and either work, or aspire to work, in the music business.

This will be the third industry meetup I’ve organised and so far it’s been a great success, as attendees have included a mixture of people from all different areas of music. We’ve had singers, songwriters and producers as well as PRs, bloggers and journalists, and people from each of the major record labels. Whether you’re looking for a pop-loving ally within the music industry, or need a bit of advice from someone who’s doing the job of your dreams, your search ends tonight!

The event is totally free to attend and everyone is welcome. Click here to find out all the details and hopefully see you there!


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