Future Stars: Jack & Jack (Unsigned)

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Who would have thought that an app for sharing 6-second videos would be the place to discover the next big pop star? That might seem odd, but celebrities, and therefore pop stars, are made on whatever entertainment platform the public are most interested in – the radio, TV or, increasingly often, social media. The latest act to turn Vine stardom into chart success, following in the footsteps of Shawn Mendes and Dapper Laughs, are two 17-year-old boys called Jack. Jack & Jack have 4.4 million followers on Vine. Unlike many YouTube stars, maybe because Vine’s still quite new, the success of their music has increased over time, so fifth single Wild Life was the first to make the Billboard charts. The Jacks rap and sing, and their music isn’t typical teen-pop. Not being a hip-hop fan, I wouldn’t have guessed they were kid comedians attempting a music career. They are actually convincing as contenders for the next big hip-hop act… well, with white American teenagers, at least.


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