This Must Be Pop Live: Introducing Tich

This month’s This Must Be Pop Live is now just over a week away, so that means it’s time to get to know the performers! First up is lovely singer-songwriter Tich…

Can you describe your music in five words for those who haven’t heard of you before?

Pop, British, honest, pianoey (not a real word), quirky

Which new artist is your tip for the top in 2013?

Max Milner, I have had the honour of supporting him and he is a talent that will break so soon and Charlie Brown whose new single made me cry!

What would like to have achieved by this time next year?

An album out that people enjoy, lots of headline tours and a chance to travel and meet my fans all over the world 🙂

If you could choose any celeb to star in your next music video, who would it be?

Demi Lovato (as I love her)

What can we expect from your performance at This Must Be Pop Live next week?

Just me and my striped piano playing my own songs which I hope you will enjoy!! Also, there will be a hint of my madness as soon as I open my mouth to talk haha!

Click here to find out more about this month’s TMBP Live and here to buy cheap advance tickets.

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