This Must Be Pop Live: Introducing Chasing Grace

It’s now just over a week until the next This Must Be Pop Live! On 19th March we’ll be back at Queen of Hoxton in London with performances from The Mend, Jin Jin & the Ragdolls and Chasing Grace. This week it’s time to get to know these three hotly tipped new acts, and first up is Chasing Grace…

Can you describe your music in five words for those who haven’t heard of you before?

Guy, girl, sinister, folk, pop

Which country would you most like to visit if you went on a world tour?

Phil: Hawaii
Grace: Japan

Did you ever consider calling the band Chasing Phil?

Yes, we recently had to change our name (it was Saving Grace) so we went through every combination! But using Phil in the title doesn’t quite have the same ring to it unfortunately.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming EP?

It’s a collection of 5 songs, each portraying an aspect of life with a darker meaning. We want it to give a taster of whats to come from us, but at the same time be able to stand alone in it’s sound and message.

What can we expect from your performance at This Must Be Pop Live next week?

Expect a mish mash of genres. A lot of guitar. And a lot of harmonies.

You can see Chasing Grace for yourself next Tuesday at This Must Be Pop Live. Click here for more info and here for cheap advance tickets.

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