International Video Challenge

Representing USA: Backstreet Boys – Incomplete
I’ve finally found a good quality version of this (it was on UK MTV last week but I only caught the end and Alex Zane laughing – don’t like him anymore!) so I can review it at last. Of course I have known the song for ages now and of course it is great! It is maybe more towards the All I Have To Give level of great than the I Want It That Way level, but that is no insult in itself. The only thing that could be an insult regarding the Backstreet Boys and coming from me is telling you that you look like one of them. Although, they’re all looking alright at the moment. Nick could do with cutting down on the donuts (as usual) and Kevin really needs to shave off his facial hair and start again, but no-one looks totally horrific and at least they look sober (I’m talking to you Brian! hahaha! Laughing at my own joke, that is sad). The video is full of highlarious dramatic moments but my favourites have to be AJ’s slow-motion fall to the knees and Nick deciding he hates his hands. (Since I posted this they have appeared on CD:UK and showed the video – hurrah!)

Representing Norway: Espen Lind – Unloved
I’ve included this now (it’s been on the music channels a while, but you’ll be lucky if you’ve seen it) because I suddenly realised yesterday how much it reminds me of a less-dramatic (but almost as good, which is quite a triumph considering he is not the Backstreet Boys) version of Incomplete. They sing “iiincooompleeete”, he sings “uuunloooved” – it’s practically the same! But I am not actually being sarcastic, it is a good song and we always need more Norwegians in pop, so it’s nice to see one releasing in the UK. Next, Venke Knutson, please!

Representing the UK: Poker Pets – Lovin’ You
This is no better than any of the songs it parodies, but the video is hilarious! It has plasticine animals acting out various recent dance videos including Out Of Touch by Uniting Nations, Satisfaction by Benny Benassi and Call On Me by Erik Prydz. The singer of the track is Nate James who released a fairly good r’n’b single a few months ago, so it’s a strange place for him to turn up.

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