International Video Challenge

Representing the USA: Gwen Stefani – Cool
Gwen with brown hair! She looks fantastic! This video is just as cool as the song title demands, but we could never expect any less from Gwen. Its a very different look to the other singles from L.A.M.B. I actually get the feeling that this could turn out to be a Don’t Speak for the 21st century, although the song is not quite that level of greatness. But not that far off either!

Representing Germany: Blue Lagoon – Heartbreaker
I just posted about Blue Lagoon on Into The Groove and in the researching process I came across this, their new video and a cover of the Dionne Warwick hit Heartbreaker. Blue Lagoon’s singles are a bit hit-and-miss but this is definitely a hit, making a rather lovely summery pop song.

Representing the UK: Goldfrapp – Ooh La La
Seeing this on Popworld this morning was the first time I’d heard the song in full and I liked it a lot more than from just the small clip on their web site, so I’m getting the Popjustice hype now. Goldfrapp are obviously very cool and leading the way with all this electropop stuff but they’ve never moved me to want their whole album before, but the new one is beginning to sound quite tempting as I’ve heard that there are lots of songs on it much better than this one so it shpuld be very good indeed.

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