International Video Challenge

Representing Australia: Natalie Imbruglia – Glorious
There’s no big change of direction for Natalie here (apart from a new hair-cut which is very Amelie), but the song is catchy and enjoyable, so I don’t think it matters. I think this is one of her best tracks actually. She’ll retain the fans from her previous work and the song will get plenty of plays on Radio 2 and local radio, and I can imagine Rix FM in Sweden playing it til we never want to hear it again.

Representing Denmark: Infernal – Ten Miles
I must say I was quite surprised to see Infernal having another go at the UK charts, after the disinterest in Self Control and I Won’t Be Crying made them a one hit wonder. However, I do think Ten Miles is a great song which could easily be a summer dance hit over here, especially if it does well abroad and lots of people hear it on their holidays. It could be the last nail in the Infernal coffin, or it may be their key to resurrection – but enough of the death-related metaphors, lets just enjoy the Scandi-pop on our TV screens, and the fact that Lina is looking much classier in this video.

September – Can’t Get Over
Finally there’s a video for the new September single! It’s been on Rix FM for months already so it’s about time. I really like the look of the video (although Petra’s turning into Sarah Harding), with the oil concept being rather BWO-esque, and the song is great of course, although I don’t think it’s September’s best – it’s not quite Satellites, but maybe it’s a We Can Do It or September All Over. It still deserves 5 globes. Her new album is, quite fittingly, out in September, and I’ll be in Sweden to buy it straight away – hooray!

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