Dirrrty Pop Meets… The Tigerpicks!

You’re about to play the V festival, so how do you plan to win over potential new fans who catch your set?
I don’t think we’ve got any special tricks up our sleeves, we’re just going to be ourselves and hopefully that and the music is enough to win people over. Hopefully.

What was it like working with Richard X?
He’s such an amazing guy and he’s a lot of fun to work with. We just had different ideas about the direction of the record, but we’re still on speaking terms and will hopefully be seeing him sometime soon, cause we owe him a dolphin.

Have you got any more interesting collaborations planned?
Not that we know of. We’re still kind of in the middle of doing our own thing and getting all that sorted so I’m not sure a collaboration would be the wisest move. Perhaps when we’ve settled down and found our niche and stuff, but we’ll keep you posted.

Would you be upset if people compared you to Girls Aloud?
I wouldn’t be upset, but I’d definitely be baffled. Girls Aloud are good at what they do, and they’re probably one of the better pop bands around today, but we’re completely different so it’s difficult to compare. We write all of our own material, we play our instruments and we’re pretty much in charge of what’s going on in and around the band. The only similarity probably, is female vocals but then again, you’re never going to compare Girls Aloud with say Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It’s a different boat, and a completely different act.

Do you consider yourselves part of the ‘nu rave’ trend?
Not at all. We can understand why people would categorise us as that after hearing our first single, but we are definitely not ‘nu-rave’. We make danceable music and because of this ‘craze’ that’s going on at the moment, bands are being unfairly pigeon-holed. Bands that go back decades have been making danceable music. I think when people hear our album in context, they’ll realise we aren’t ‘nu-rave’ one bit, and never will be.

What will be your next single and what can we expect from the video?
We’re still in talks about the next single and more specifically the video. We did our ‘DIY’ video last time, so you can expect something a lot more glossier and bigger. The good thing is we’re all on the same wavelength, and we get a lot of say of what goes and what doesn’t, so you can guarantee it’ll be a video we’re really happy about.

When did you get into ‘disco punk electro funk’ music?
I think we’ve always embraced it, but that age in your life (around 15/16) where you really start to come into your own, you decide what you like and you make a choice, and that’s the choice we made. We love bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Le Tigre, Ramones, Death From Above 1979 etc who just make amazing music with an energy that’s difficult to come by and I think that’s where it really stems from – making amazing music and putting on an equally immense show whilst you’re at it.

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