Sponsored Post: Ikea creates the dream room for music lovers

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMIYX_bNnF0&w=520&h=300]

Every music fan knows the feeling: At some point your music collection gets too big to handle… but which of those beloved CDs or vinyls do you get rid of? It’s like choosing between your children! For Harry, the DJ and producer featured in the video above, the problem grew to the point where he had vinyl stored in every room of his house, and he was constantly having to pull his two-year-old son out of the way before he scratched a limited edition classic record.

Thanks to Ikea, Harry found a way to make his music collection more manageable. They helped him set up his music room with innovative uses of Ikea furniture. For example, the Förhöja cutlery tray was used to store floppy discs, and the Stolmen shoe rack made the perfect space for his keyboards. The result was a cool, clean and organised room, the perfect place for creativity. Music obsessive Harry even managed to produce a song out of the sounds of construction!

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