If you got the feelin’, jump to the ceiling

The Feeling are a strange phenomenon. They are 5 20-something blokes with instruments. They are not very original. They are not very exciting (apart from one being married to Sophie EB). And yet, they are really very very good! There isn’t a single song on Twelve Stops And Home that will change the world, yet every one of the 12 tracks leaves me with a smile on my face.

The only conclusion I can come to is that they must be very good songwriters. Although the music has a general sound making it identifiable as The Feeling, they still manage to cover quite a variety of styles within that Feeling sound. There are beautiful ballads like Strange and Kettle’s On, jolly jaunts like Fill My Little World and Never Be Lonely and straight-forward super-duper sing-alongs like Love It When You Call, and every one that comes on I think “this is my favourite!”, so how I will ever choose an actual favourite is beyond me.

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