Idol ft. Bard part 3

A little delayed but here is the third episode of Idol 2011 for your enjoyment. Click here to watch the show in full and read on for my top 5 best bits…

  1. Weird Swedish humour of the day: Surprising a wannabe singer by blindfolding her and plonking her in front of the judges. Luckily she was good and got through or else that girl would have been scarred for life.
  2. Crowd dance-along to J-Lo.
  3. Alexander Bard telling a male contestant “you are a visual catastrophe… but you can sing!”
  4. One boy did an unintentionally hilarious impression of a British accent when he sang Naive by The Kooks, but it was reasonably tuneful so he got through. I look forward to hearing his Australian in the next round.
  5. What I thought was a montage of rubbish singers actually turned out to be a montage of people who got through. Hopefully the fact they were shown so briefly meant the judges immediately regretted it and they didn’t get any further.

I won’t be reviewing any more episodes here (I don’t want to just be an Idol fanblog) but I will continue posting comments and links to watch the shows on Tumblr and Twitter so make sure you’re following if you don’t want to miss them.

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