Idol ft. Bard part 2

Last night the second episode of Idol was aired, and since I’m off work today I had time to do another review for you. It’s also mysteriously appeared on Megavideo here.

  1. Cutest boy of the episode has to be Hampus, who also put on a pretty good performance. I think I met a Hampus once, but I’m not sure when or where. It’s been bothering me all day.
  2. Jessie J-obsessed Roshana’s a bit of a warbler but definitely looks and acts the part of the popstar. It was close but Alexander made sure she got through. It’s nice to know we can count on him to fight the corner of pop.
  3. This episode’s soundtrack highlight? Nicola Roberts! I didn’t even know her music was known in Sweden.
  4. The most poptastic song choice of the week so far came from a contestant called Dounia who sang With Every Heartbeat. She did a good job, but I’ll need to see more to determine if she’s worth getting excited about more than praising her good taste.
  5. They’ve already found their 2011 novelty contestant, a guy called Oleg who sang a very catchy song called Elektropop – or El-ek-tro-POP! as it would more accurately be written. It’s gone straight to no.1 on iTunes, but this seems a bit dodgy to me as it was released back in June by Universal, the same label who sign the Idol winners. Are they just using Idol to promote their new novelty artist?

The series continues tonight with episode three.

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