Happy Birthday To Dirrrty Pop!

Today is the 3rd anniversary of this blog! It’s amazing that I have been able to consistently post regularly for a whole 3 years. People often ask me how I manage to stick with it, but I can’t really say. I just love writing about music and never run out of things to say!

In celebration, here is a review of the last 12 months of Dirrrty Pop:

June ’05 – I did a great Robyn review for Stylus, reviewed Nizlopi 6 months before it hit no.1 and thought Gavin Degraw was going to be famous.

July – I hated Jessica Simpson but loved Melody Club and summer dance-pop singles.

August – I went to Sweden (where I saw BWO! AMAZING!), got this lovely luminous layout, loved the t.A.T.u album and debated downloading and reality TV in Popping The Question.

September – I moved house, made Poptastisk issue 1 and got extremely excited about Andy Bell, Darren Hayes and Will Young’s new singles.

October – I got cross at Rachel’s chart failure, loved X Factor, saw the BSBs live (brilliant!) and was obsessed with Hung Up.

November – I hated Westlife, opened Video Killed The Radio Star (must update more, but no-one ever comments!), loved Will’s album and went to the super-fab Krakow in Poland.

December – I celebrated my top singles of the year, loved Poland and the GA album, and cheered when Andy didn’t win X Factor, when Westlife weren’t Xmas no.1 and when it was in fact a Swedish song, albeit a rubbish one. I also started planning my part for when BWO won Eurovision. Maybe next year!

January – I celebrated a Decade of Poptastic No.1s, awaited the Swedish conquest of 2006, loved YouTube and applied Nietzsche’s philosophy to pop music.

February – I sobbed at Smash Hits closing, loved Bad Boybands and (confusingly) All-American Rejects, watched Melodifestivalen and American Idol and awarded the real Brit Awards.

March – My BWO obsession reached new heights when I heard Temple of Love, made Poptastisk issue 2 and squealed with joy as Infernal were on UK radio (and they haven’t left since!).

April – I adored the Delays, hated Sandi Thom (grrr!), went BWO mad and saw Darren Hayes live for the 7th time!

May – Pipettes became my new faves (and everyone else’s), I launched DP:UK, took terrible photos of The Ark and wanted to throw things when Kate Ryan didn’t win Eurovision.

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