Disco Solo

It looks like Alcazar won’t be getting back together any time, since original male member Andreas certainly won’t need to – his debut solo single is utterly brilliant! I’d heard that it was good but had been unable to locate a copy for myself so of course I rushed to download it when everyone’s favourite non-pop star Swede posted it on Catchy Tunes of Sweden. It rips off ABBA and You Sexy Thing, has lyrics about discos in the proven Alcazar tradition, a ridiculous extended metaphor (as you might have guessed from the title) and although it doesn’t sound like Alcazar it sounds exactly how a solo song by an Alcazar boy should – definitely much better than Magnus’ latest attempt, although that may be better in English (I know it’s terribly un-cultured to say it, but pop music is about singing along and fab lyrics) but I love Linda Bengtzing’s songs without them needing to be translated. Now I just want to hear what the girls come up with. Hurry up Tess and Annika!

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