Future Stars: gnash (label TBC)

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i hate u i love u is one song that could launch two new artists’ careers. It was originally released as a demo last June by Olivia O’Brien, and LA artist (and fellow lower case troll) gnash put his own spin on it in January this year. It quickly became a hit on Soundcloud and Spotify, where it has 25 million and 22 million plays respectively. The track is picking up momentum, and last week the music video was released. Although gnash hasn’t officially announced a label or even a management deal (only his live agent is named on his social media), the video, showing beautiful expanses of forest and sea, makes it clear that there’s money behind this project. The song is like a meme in musical form, filled with quotable lines which will be seen all over Tumblr and Instagram in the coming months. gnash is a singer, rapper, producer and songwriter, previously best known for his indie-R&B-style cover of Coco by O.T. Genasis. And in case you wondered, the “g” is silent.


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