Future Stars: Frans (Cardiac Records/Sony Music)

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Following last year’s Eurovision win, Sweden has been more excited than ever about their qualifying contest, Melodifestivalen, and the level of entries this year was fantastic. The winner was chosen on Saturday, and 17-year-old singer Frans Jeppsson Wall will represent Sweden in Eurovision 2016 with If I Were Sorry. He instantly became the favourite to win, which would be Sweden’s third triumph in five years – pretty impressive considering there are 40 countries taking part. What would be really extraordinary, however, is if Frans can score a major international hit before May even comes along… and I think he just might. The song is already a hit on the Spotify viral charts, reaching the global top 25 after just a week on the streaming service. If I Were Sorry wasn’t one of my favourites in Melodifestivalen, but it’s the perfect song for Eurovision in 2016. It has a hint of tropical house, mixed with the sound of Milky Chance, and it’s performed by an endearingly awkward teen boy who’ll appeal to girls and grans alike.


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