Future Stars: G.R.L. (RCA/Kemosabe)

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American girlband G.R.L. were originally formed by Robin Antin as the new Pussycat Dolls before it was decided they’d be better off with a different name, and they are a suitably confusing proposition. A pure pop girlband with songs provided by Dr. Luke sounds brilliant in theory, but these girls (including Lauren Bennett from Party Rock Anthem and Simone Battle from The X Factor USA) are too old and the positioning is too try-hard. However, I still find myself enjoying every song they release. The singles have under-performed so far, but the girls are (very) gradually building a fanbase, and they have a platform to reach a wider audience as they perform the catchy chorus on Pitbull’s new single Wild Wild Love. If it’s a hit, they’re all set to follow it up with their strongest track yet, Ugly Heart.


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