Future Stars: Cash Cash (Atlantic/Big Beat)

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I first came across Cash Cash in 2011 with their poptastic, but far too cheesy to succeed, single Victim of Love. They were one of those pop-rock-gone-electro boybands from the mid-00s (like Metro Station or HelloGoodbye) who had arrived a bit late, but rather than returning home to pop-rock they crossed all the way over and became known as an “EDM” group (I put EDM in quotation marks because I still can’t accept it as a real genre). The strange tactic worked as they’re now doing quite well! They’re known for their remixes (a Rudimental remix they did recently hit no.1 on Hype Machine) and they’ve had a few small hits in the US. Their latest single Take Me Home, featuring Future Pop star Bebe Rexha, hit the top 10 in Australia and is scheduled for release in the UK next month, while their next US single features John Rzeznik.


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