Free Mixtape: Now That’s What I Call Poptastic! Vol. 2

As a way to get their music heard by new audiences, artists are giving away some of their best songs for free these days. I’ve collected some of my favourite recent free download MP3s to create the second ever Now That’s What I Call Poptastic! compilation, a mixture of great pop songs from a variety of genres and countries.

Download Now That’s What I Call Poptastic! Vol. 2


  1. A*M*E ft. MNEK – City Lights
  2. Little Nikki – Intro Intro
  3. Royal Teeth – Wild
  4. Ella Chi – Never Were The One
  5. Bossy Love – Opposites Attract
  6. Swiss Lips – U Got The Power
  7. Soso – My Women, My Guitars
  8. Laura Welsh – 45
  9. The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather
  10. The Charlies – Yellow

Make sure to research the artists more if you like them! And if you enjoyed volume two, click here for volume one.

NB: All of these tracks have been made available online for free. However, if you respresent one of these artists and would not like their song to be included in this mixtape, please email me and I will remove it.

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