Future Stars: Frank Gamble (PMR/Universal)

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The hidden identity  marketing trick for new artists is so tired now I can barely summon the energy to write about it, but it does give me the opportunity to exercise my internet detective skills. It only took a few minutes to uncover the secret identity of Frank Gamble, which is not actually a solo male artist but a male/female duo. The male producer is Justin Tailor (aka  Hoost) and the female singer is Hannah Yadi, who you may know from when she released music as YaDi a few years ago. She was signed to Warner Chappell for publishing and I remember seeing her support Foxes, but her career never had any momentum. She had a few nice songs, but I think her new music with Frank Gamble is much stronger. They’re signed to PMR, the same label as Disclosure and Jessie Ware, and they do have a similarly cool vibe but the songs are actually much more poppy than I expected. I enjoyed all the tracks on their Soundcloud, which combine catchy melodies with a drum and bass-influenced electro-pop sound and Hannah’s sweet yet strong vocals.

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