Future Stars: Citizen Four (Island)

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With One Direction out of the picture, we’re sure to see some new boybands launched in the next year. The US hasn’t contributed to the latest wave of boybands, but perhaps they’ll have a belated success with new Island Records signing Citizen Four. The group is made up of two former X Factor finalists, Josh Levi and Austin Percario (of the group InTENsity), and brothers Carson and Conner Boatman. They’re one of the better looking boybands I’ve seen lately, but their vocals and performance need work – enough with the over-singing! It seems Citizen Four was formed specifically for the label, as they launched with the announcement of their deal. They’ve since been uploading slick YouTube covers, and made a smart move in collaborating with YouTube star Kurt Hugo Schneider. After all, the teens of today don’t care if a new band is signed, or how much money was spent on them – they want to feel part of their journey through witnessing it online, so the support of an existing social media star is a big boost. You can’t launch an act like this overnight, and they’ve got a long road ahead of them, but there’s definite potential.


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