Exciting Times Ahead


Jem – It All Starts Here – not heard this yet but have heard 2 others by her and love them.

Freestylers – Push Up – I love this song and can’t see why it isn’t massive already. It’s fab!

Javine – Best Of My Love – This has to do well so she can release Don’t Walk Away and at least if she flops she’ll go with a smile.

Portobella – Covered In Punk – I love shouty girls in colourful videos with senseless lyrics so therefore I had to to love this.

Beverley Knight – Come As You Are – Bev’s best single yet, deserves to do well. Loving the new poppier direction.

JC Chasez – All Day Long I Dream About Sex – This deserves to be no.1 forever but top 20 will be lucky 🙁

Phixx – Wild Boys – Again this doesn’t look to be doing as well as it should be, despite total aceness. The lack of a new b-side is disappointing.

Girls Aloud – The Show – It’s Girls Aloud!


Shaznay Lewis – Never Felt Like This Before – It’s lovely to see Shaznay back and I look forward to hearing her album. This is a grower.

Will Young – Friday’s Child – Quite worried about chart position for this, likely to be his lowest yet but hopefully will sell even more albums.

Jody Lei – Just The Music – Unexpected greatness. Sounds just like BeyoncĂ© but is fab in it’s own way too.

Mania – Looking For A Place To Go – Loving this more and more, I hope they survive to an album but it’s doubtful.

Rachel Stevens – Some Girls – Heard this yesterday and it’s as good as everyone said though I’m still going for The Show over it, I always prefer the Aloud.

Snow Patrol – Spitting Games – Excellent choice for new single but Ways & Means must be next.

Alex Cartañå – Have You Lost Your Mind? – Loved the last one so hoping this is as good.


Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved – Couldn’t have made a better choice for single 3 and I cannot wait to see the video.

V – Hip To Hip – Looking forward to hearing this, really liking V at the minute.

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