10 Top 10s

2. Top Ten Pointless Pop Stars

1. Antony Blue

Simon’s the ‘cool’ one, Lee’s the stupid one, Duncan’s the slimey one, but Antony is as usueless as the 3 of them combined.

2. Michelle McManus

Most annoying voice & face combination ever?

3. Emma & Lynsey Clea

Chloë is scary, Aimee is sweet, these two are just boring.

4. Bradley S Club

His mum has been on TV more than him this year.

5. Chris, Joey and Lance ‘N Sync

I guess all the charisma was used up by JC & JT.

6. Chris Phixx

He was confident to the point of arrogance on Popstars but is even outshined by Nikk and Peter in Phixx.

7. Usher

What is all the fuss about?

8. Rochelle S Club 8

She looks mean.

9. Kevin & Howie BSB

I can’t even think of anything to say, they’re that pointless.

10. Kanye West

All his songs and videos are about his accident – does he have nothing else to talk about?

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